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Doing Business in Asia

The course will compare and contrast the characteristics of business in Taiwan, China, Japan and Korea. The decision making, types of business, and institutional managements are somewhat unique due to the cultural influence.

Quantitative Methods

In the section part, the applications of quantitative methods for marketing, human resource management, and/or labor economy via survey study or secondary dataset analysis will be discussed in the course.

Financial Accounting

This course provides students with a working knowledge of financial statements and the underlying accounting process used to generate financial statements.

Managerial Accounting

The course objective is to offer today’s managers’ effective tools to use when considering alternative strategies and making decisions.

Global Economics

Within this course, there are two-dimension applications, one is in Microeconomics, and the other one is in Macroeconomics, hence, this course offers basic theoretic foundation and applications in economics to students, in particular from the angle of globalization.

Global Finance

The course discusses global financial markets and how corporations make financial decisions in the present global financial environment.

Global Marketing

This course is designed to give students understanding of fundamental concepts, principles, and theories of global marketing. It will examine commonalities of different regions and countries while highlighting cultural and economic differences.

Global Supply Chain

Students will be able to describe and explain fundamentals of global operation and logistics strategies, global operations and logistics planning, and effective management of global operations and logistics.

Managing the Multinational Enterprises

This course focuses on the management of the multinational corporation (MNC). Discusses the context in which MNCs operate including cultural, economic and political conditions in different countries, and their impact on management of MNCs.

Customer Relationship & Data Mining

All issues about managing the customer lifecycle, including strategies, tactics, and operations, are called customer relationship management (CRM). The fast growth of the information technology has changed customer behaviors dramatically, hence the way to support CRM.

Raising Capital and Corporate Control Governance

The impact of ongoing internationalization of Asian emerging economies on corporate decision making is clearly evident in the context of capital raising and mergers and acquisitions.

The Art of Marketing & Branding: Sun Tzu's Ancient Wisdom and Modern Managerial Implications

This is an advanced marketing course aiming at preparing students to successfully develop and undertake the marketing strategy by drawing upon the managerial essence of “The Art of War” in a highly uncertain and competitive environment.

Asia Culture & Leadership

The main purpose of this course is to provide overview of the key features of Asian leadership styles as well as offer insights about how to successfully lead an Asian organization.

Comparative Corporate Governance

This course aims to provide students with a thorough understanding of the effectiveness of various corporate governance mechanisms in a for-profit corporation in an international setting.

Comparative Innovation System

The course will consider theories of innovation to ground students in an understanding of the breadth of definitions for innovation and why it is critical to firm performance.

Strategic Management

The course is designed to demonstrate that decisions affecting the core competitive advantages of the firm and its ability to compete internationally are neither obvious nor completely determined by the technological or economic forces generally associated with globalization.