Our Faculty

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Professor and Dean, College of Management

Frank Y-H Ying

Education: PhD, Economics, University of Kentucky

Specialties: International Finance, International Economics, Politic Economy, Management Economics

Professor and Director

David D. Chou

Education: PhD, Finance, Drexel University

Specialties: Financial Management, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Stock Price Performance Evaluation

Distinguished Professor

Tse-ping Dong

Education: Ph.D. in Business Studies, National Taiwan University College of Management

Specialties: Innovation and Venture Capital, Intellectual Property Management, Creative Industry Management, Art Management, Film assets

Distinguished Professor

Yen-Chun Jim Wu

Education: Ph.D., in Industrial & Operations Engineering,University of Michigan:USA

Specialties: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management,Science and Technology Management,Supply Chain Management

Professor, College of Management

Dun-Ji Chen

Education: PhD, Civil Engineering, National Taiwan University

Specialties: Tourist and Travel Management, Airline and Transportation Management, Intelligent Transportation Management

Professor and Associate Dean, Office of General Affairs

Hao-Jeng Chiu

Education: Ph.D. in Measurement, Statistics and Research Methodology, University of Southern California

Specialties:: Human Resource Management, Psychometrics, Organizational Behavior, Statistics


Shih-Yu Chou

Education: PhD, Business Administration, Washington State University

Specialties: E-commerce and Marketing, Database Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Supply Chain Management

Professor and Deputy Director, Department of Business Administration

Mei Hsu

Education: Ph.D. in Economics , Duke University

Specialties: Labor Economics, Human Resources, Education Economics, Family Economics, Wage Differentials, Foreign workers and Immigrant Study

Professor and Deputy Director, Graduate Institute of Management

Christine W Lai

Education: PhD, Consumer Economics, Ohio State University

Specialties: Mutual Fund, Retirement Fund, Investment Portfolio Analysis

Professor and Executive Officer, EMBA

Hsiang-Chu Lai

Education: Ph.D. in Information Technology, Purdue University

Specialties: Negotiations and System Support, Group Buying Model and consumer behavior, Online Marketing, E-Commerce Business Model

Professor and Director, Mandarin Training Center

Yung-Cheng Shen

Education:Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology, Columbia University

Specialties: Consumer Decision-Making Behavior, Brand Management, Services Marketing, E-Commerce Marketing

Associate Professor

Chung-Chiang Hsiao

Education: PhD, Consumer Behavior, Purdue University

Specialties: Consumer perception and attitude formation 、Consumer information process 、Quantitative methodologies in consumer research

Associate Professor

Min-Ping Kang

Education: Ph.D, in Business Administration, National Chengchi

Specialties: Strategic Management, International Corporate Management, Inter-organizational Relationship

Associate Professor

Shu-jou Lin

Education: PhD, in International Business, National Taiwan University

Specialties: Strategic decision-making under risk , Organizational Learning , Enterprise Venture Capital Strategy

Associate Professor and Deputy Director, Graduate Institute of Global Business and Strategy

Jen-Ying Shih

Education: PhD, in Business Studies, National Taiwan University

Specialties: Intelligent data analysis in the construction of knowledge maps Credit rating and financial market index prediction model

Associate Professor

Shih-Ju Wang

Education: Ph.D. in International Business, National Taiwan University College of Management

Specialties: Marketing Management, International Business

Assistant Professor

Chia-Jung Chang

Education: Ph. D. in Department of Business Administration at National Chung Cheng University

Specialties: Consumer Behavior, Service Marketing, Business Management

Assistant Professor

Huei-Ling Chen

Education: PhD, Accounting, National Taiwan University

Specialties: Analyst Behavior, Management Control System, Financial Report, International Accounting

Assistant Professor

Ryan Shuwei Hsu

Education: Ph.D., in National Taiwan University College of Management

Specialties: Chinese organizational behavior/Qualitative research